Roman Road Health Centre

Fishmoor Drive, Blackburn BB2 3UY

Treatment Room

We are very pleased to announce that the Treatment Room Service is now back here once again at Roman Road Health Centre and commenced from Monday 2nd June 2014. Currently, the private-medica-w200h138treatment room service will be provided all day on Mondays and Fridays and will be reviewed again in 3 months’ time.

Roman Road Treatment Room will provide the following services:

  •     Taking Blood samples
  •     Taking Blood Pressures
  •     Carrying out ECG tests
  •     Fitting of 24 hours BP machines
  •     Removing sutures
  •     Changing Dressings
  •     Minor Operations

If you wish to make an appointment please ring reception on (01254 282777)

Coronavirus – Advice for Patients

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu and it does not necessarily mean you have the illness.
NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do.
Use this service if:

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
Information for the public is available at and
Like the common cold, coronavirus infection usually occurs through close contact with a person with novel coronavirus via cough and sneezes or hand contact. A person can also be infected by touching contaminated surfaces if they do not wash their hands.
The risk of being in close contact with a person with coronavirus or contaminated surfaces is very low at the current time.
Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

You can find the latest information and advice from Public Health England at