Maternity services

Congratulations from everyone at Roman Road Health Centre. This section is designed to keep you informed about the pathway of care for you and your baby as you progress in this pregnancy.

Our reception staff will have confirmed with you that you have had a positive pregnancy test and recorded the first day of your last period. This information is sent to the midwife who is responsible for your care throughout the pregnancy. She will contact you to arrange the first visit, usually at home, to discuss your pregnancy. The midwife should be your first point of contact regarding any pregnancy concerns.

If you are not already doing so you should start taking a once a day supplement of Folic acid 400 micrograms and Vitamin D 10 micrograms. Folic acid should be taken at least until you are 12 weeks pregnant and Vitamin D should be continued throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Both of these are available from the pharmacy as Pregnacare.

Your midwife will inform you regarding scans, appointments and the place of delivery of your baby.

Once your baby has been delivered there are a few key landmarks for you both:

Birth. In hospital, your newborn baby should have a full physical examination by a doctor. If you are discharged from hospital and this has not taken place, please contact the practice immediately so that a doctor can visit to do this vital health check. Your midwife will visit you at home to support you and when she feels the time is right, she will hand your care over to the Health Visitor. Please register your baby with the practice as soon as possible after birth.

6 weeks. You and your baby should be seen by a doctor for a postnatal health review. This takes 30 minutes so please ensure that when you book this appointment you inform the receptionist that you require a 30-minute appointment. At this, the doctor will once again do a full examination of your baby and discuss with you any concerns. Please call at 4 weeks to book this appointment and also an appointment with the nurse for the 8-week immunisations.

8, 12 and 16 weeks. Your baby needs to be seen by our practice nurse for immunisation. Baby immunisation clinics are held twice weekly, appointments can be booked at reception. The nurse will explain what the immunisations are for and the protection that they give your baby. Please note that your baby is not safe to go swimming until completion of the second set of immunisations at 12 weeks.

We hope that all goes well for you during this pregnancy and we look forward to meeting your baby.