Patient Participation

Patient Forums
In the past, the Practice has held patient forum meetings at the surgery, usually on Thursday in the early evening.  We have discussed clinical issues such as gastric bypass operations, dieting etc, as well as appointments and the issuing of prescriptions.

Open Day Patient Participation Events
Please watch out for details of our next Open Day Patient Participation event, which will be displayed in the Reception area in the surgery.  Please feel free to come along and have your say / everyone is welcome.
Please come along – tell us what we are doing right and any helpful suggestions will be very welcome.

Virtual Patient Reference Group
The Practice has now developed a “virtual” patient reference/participation group.  This forms the basis of an email community, which enables the Practice to correspond and consult with patients eliciting their views on the services that we provide to you on a regular basis.

If you would like to join and become part of our “virtual” patient reference group please contact Mrs Louise Wright, our Practice Manager by email on [email protected]

Local Patient Survey
Every year the Practice produces a local patient survey, which asks patients for their views and feedback on the services they received at our Practice. Each year patients are asked if they would be willing to complete a local patient survey.  This survey forms the basis of a short list of priorities/issues that are identified.  This year we asked our patients for their suggestions and questions to include within this survey:

We are planning out our next annual survey and to ensure that we ask the right questions, we would like to know what you think our key priorities should be when it comes to looking at the services we provide to you and others in the Practice.

What do you think are the most important issues on which we should consult our patients?

– Some suggestions could be:
– Clinical care
– Getting an appointment
– Reception Issues
– Opening Times
– Parking
– Ordering Prescriptions

May we take this opportunity to thank those patients that took part and for their much-valued feedback.

The results of the 2014 Local Patient Survey are shown below.

2014 Local Patient Participation Report
2014 Local Patient Participation Survey

Statement for Patients

We are sorry for the inconvenience being caused for our patents trying to contact the practice by telephone recently. You may have found that trying to reach us first thing on a Monday morning has been particularly difficult.

Like many GP practices in Lancashire, our telephone system is run by a local NHS IT provider who are aware of these issues.

We want to assure you these problems have been escalated and explain that fixing them is not in our control, so please be patient with us whilst they are being addressed.

We have been told that over the next few weeks, a short term fix being put in place that should ensure our telephone systems can stay online during very busy periods. In the longer term, we know that upgrades are being made to the system that should fully resolve the problems.

Remember, there are other ways that you can contact the practice. Firstly if you are able please review our web pages please do this is where we will provide you with the most up to date methods of contacting us or where appropriate other alternatives exist such as:-

* MyGp or PatientAccess ; an app that you may have already downloaded (if not please do and follow the instructions for use) which you can use to book appointments, contact the practice or order your prescriptions.

* As usual, you should dial 999 in an emergency and can access NHS111 or your local pharmacy for advice.

Coronavirus – Advice for Patients

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu and it does not necessarily mean you have the illness.

NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do.

Use this service if:

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

Information for the public is available at and

Like the common cold, coronavirus infection usually occurs through close contact with a person with novel coronavirus via cough and sneezes or hand contact. A person can also be infected by touching contaminated surfaces if they do not wash their hands.
The risk of being in close contact with a person with coronavirus or contaminated surfaces is very low at the current time.
Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

You can find the latest information and advice from Public Health England at